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The South Bristol Digital Neighbourhoods Programme (SBDN) aims to bring the economic, social and environmental benefits of increased digital access, engagement and innovation to South Bristol. SBDN is working with the community and the public, voluntary and commercial sectors to create a thriving digital economy driven by a digitally skilled community.




Why become digitally-skilled?

Research undertaken in 2007 showed that 15% of the population – 6 million adults – were both socially and digitally excluded, yet 90% of new jobs require digital skills.  South Bristol has below average levels of connectivity and uptake of digital technologies. With low levels of employment and limited local employment opportunities in the region, the community has much to gain from the digital economy and the flexible working it enables.


Who do we work with?

SBDN works with a broad spectrum of people and organisations, providing services, projects and learning opportunities to equip and empower  people to realize the personal and professional benefits of becoming digitally-skilled.  We offer a range of projects and training for local residents, businesses and community groups and collaborate with decision-makers and leading figures from the business, public, private and digital sectors.

Please visit our Projects and Workstreams pages for further information

SBDN’s vision

Across a wide range of projects, SBDN will focus on:

  • developing internet access through high capacity internet connections
  • embedding ICT and digital media skills into the community
  • implementing strategies to provide flexible employment opportunities
  • enhancing service delivery through the use of ICT’s
  • promoting and supporting ground up community participation
  • providing a healthy, positive living environment through green ICT initiatives


The SBDN programme is supported by Knowle West Media Centre, Bristol City Council, UK digital inclusion charity Citizens Online, BT, Connecting Bristol and DC10plus.

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