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Digital Communities – Top 3 Ideas

February 23, 2010

The following 3 ideas had the most votes from the voters at the Community & Technology event:

1. Check the accessibility of the tools (including free sites like Youtube, Twitter, etc) before using them or suggesting that others use them.  A session on assistive software and what sites it works with.  What are the cheap versions of software and hardware groups can get hold of for disabled people to engage with?

2.  Recommended training sessions: running photo and video competitions (posting them online and culminating in an exhibition); using Facebook groups to campaign; staff and visitors blogging about meeting outcomes and actions; promoting blogs; using Survey Monkey or similar to collate opinions; giving short, specific training sessions on many subjects – at differnet times and places – e.g. Youtube, Twitter; using social media tools to market to, and receive from, local communities; holding a Daniel Priestly event at Knowle West Media Centre.

3.  The writers of lengthy, dense strategy documents that are posted online to distill the information into a concise summary.   E.g. ‘How does this affect you?’ ‘It means…’  The readers to inform the writers if they are dissatisfied.

Any comments?  Post them below on our blog or Twitter us!

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  1. February 26, 2010 6:35 am

    Hi, I was at Tuesday’s session and it was great – highly informative and useful.

    I am a food blogger and web editor, and prospective Green Party candidate for Bishopston.

    I was a Soil Association magazine editor for eight years and now I am food editor for The Source.

    My job is to make complex ideas easy-to-read and understand.

    So please bear me in mind if you are looking for trainers for the session on ‘distilling information into a concise summary’.

    You may also be interested in Winkler’s Writing Rules – my 20 top tips:

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